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Blanket orders FAQ

Common questions about Blanket Orders

What is a blanket PO?

A Blanket PO (also known as a "Blanket Order") is a type of contract between you and a supplier. This contract means that as a customer, you commit to ordering limited or unlimited quantities of parts from a specific supplier during a defined, long period of time.

For example, let's say you want to manufacture 1,200 pieces of a certain part over the next year. However, you want to order 100 parts every month, rather than all 1,200 pieces at once. By setting up a blanket order, you can agree with a supplier on a certain price and conditions, and order a new batch every time you need it.

How to create a new blanket PO?

Go to "Blanket POs" on the top navigation bar.

Then, click on the green "New Blanket PO" button in the top-right corner of the screen.

You'll be able to send a request for a quote, similar to how you would send an RFQ.

Once quotes arrive, you can set the blanket order to "active" by clicking on "Select quote".

Then, we will show you an overview of the blanket order, and you can click on the "Approve Blanket PO" button.

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πŸ’‘Β Activating a blanket order does not create a production order.


Once the order is approved, its status will be set to "Active".

To place a production order, click on the "Order Batch" button.

Select the desired quantity and proceed to checkout.

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What’s the difference between blanket order and a normal order?

Blanket Order (also known as a blanket PO) is not a production order. It is a type of contract that allows you to define the scope of work with a supplier within a given time frame (for instance, one year).

A normal order is a production order that results in parts delivery.

How long my blanket order will stay valid?

You can set any blanket order expiration date; we do not limit blanket order expiration dates from our end.


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